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Here’s a great little animated trailer to Guillermo Del Toro’s new TV series that I contributed some work to recently.

I provided some animation, some compositing, and a bit of character re-design.

Many thanks to Planet Jump for getting me involved.

Great fun!




Hello fans,

It’s been way too long but I finally got around to updating my animation showreel.

This is mostly stuff  that did not feature in previous showreels (that I am permitted to use).

Hope you like.


I did a large part of the design and a chunk of the animation for a series of short animations on a selection of Shakespeare plays for BBC Bitesize Learning website.

Here is but one of the, I think, 18 shorts we put together.

The project was overseen by good chums Once Were Farmers.

Directed by Will Adams.

Written by Innes Smith.

I was asked to make a promo video for the 2nd single “Space Cadet” from my brother’s 2nd solo album “A Flash Of Darkness” (released on Acid Jazz records). Here’s what I did.

Chewits Carnival

I helped with the animation on this project earlier this year.

I also received 2 free packets of sweets for my labour.

Thanks to Selina & Jason Wagner for getting me involved.

Greenpeace – (BANNED) Monster Fights Politician

Here’s something I helped out on a bit recently…

Once Were Farmers roped me into it.


Ok, so they changed the title of the clip since I linked to it…

Young Dracula – Dust by Dawn

I did some animation for the UI on this game.

Thanks again to Chunk Games.

Click the link above (only if you are in possession of a 2-4 year old) and enjoy more fruits of my labour.

I worked on the animation for this game alongside the supremely talented and delightful animator  Selina Wagner for the Glasgow based games company Chunk Games


I also did this thing, again for Three S Films…


Here’s a little thing I did for Three S Films last December.